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Meet Michael

Spiritual Life Coach 

Shaman & Reiki Master

In my teenage years, I had an experience with a lady that used to sit on a headstone in the graveyard. Every time I cut through the graveyard she was there in the corner of my eye. I went home and asked my dad, “have you ever seen a lady in the graveyard that appears and disappears?”. I remember his words to this day: “Son, don't ever be afraid of the ones that have passed, be afraid of the ones that are present.” From then on I stopped fearing the spirits of the dead. They did not want to harm us. Harm only came from those living in disharmony with themselves and those around them. The past spirits had messages for us. That's when I knew I had a gift to communicate with spirit. 

Not long after this I started to sing and found that I was channeling a different language. When I sang in this language I could feel that spirit loved it. I felt a sense of enlightenment and a pure love within myself. I use the gift of singing to this day during my healings of my clients.

I became a father at the age of twenty, was married at twenty-four, and thought I knew everything. My own son is twenty-four years of age now and my daughter is sixteen. I reflect on myself in my youth and see that I hadn’t gone through many stages of maturity at the time I chose to be a father and get married. There was no rule book on being a parent and every day I still learn new ways in which I want to be a better father.

One of the biggest milestones in my life was back in 2005/6. Spirit told me that my marriage and the home that I had built with my own hands were going to be gone within a year. I was not ready to hear it. I held out for fourteen months but spirit knew the truth of the message it was delivering to me.  

From there I left Ireland in 2011 and made my way to Australia, heartbroken to be leaving my family behind. My dream was to make a better life for myself and my kids. But what was waiting for me in Australia was beyond my wildest dreams. 


This is where my personal journey of Love & Healing Within began. Two years after arriving in Australia spirit told me that I was going to create a company called Love & Healing Within, helping people recover from sadness, abuse, addiction, and trauma. 

The game-changer for me was when I reached out to a men’s group called Survivors and Male Support Networks (SAMSN). I finally chose to face my shadows, my shame, my guilt, and the emotions I had buried within myself. The things which were affecting my relationship with myself and everybody connected to me. I realized I had been carrying this emotional baggage since childhood. I had been sabotaging myself for a long time. I learned to stop by speaking my truth.

I entered the shaman world in 2014, with mentors and guides to help and support me. I started to learn so much more about myself, who I was, what I was. I learned that my role as a human being is to help others. I have walked in darkness and I know what it is like. I drew on this knowledge as I learned how to take people on a safe journey to the light within themselves.

What seemed like darkness and an unraveling of the soul at the time, I now see was a paramount part of the birthing of Love & Healing Within.  



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