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What to Expect

All of us carry the density of our past within our own vessel (body) in our everyday life. I get where you are at. You may be doing everything in your power to shift and change things, but it can still feel so relentless and tiring and like you’re not getting anywhere. Our journey is one of self-discovery to unpack and rewire the limiting beliefs that are the foundation upon which you are building your life and relationships upon, likely subconsciously.

The Journey


I am going to help you take steps to recognize and accept yourself. For each individual, the journey will be different and you may only want to take small steps. I will guide you and support you through whatever stage you are at. Throughout this process, I will channel from the spirit and focus on the challenges that you face in everyday life. This may activate certain feelings. I will bring that energy forward to understand where it has come from, clear it and then move the energy along. We will continue this process until the energy has shifted. I will then take you across to the treatment table where you will experience a full sound bath and energy re-balance, through singing or sound bowls.

I will take you on a journey within yourself to find out what it is you would like to work on. When I guide people on their journey within, people share their stories with me, often stories they have never shared with anyone. This happens naturally as my clients understand at a deep level that they can trust me and that I harbor no judgment, only love, and respect.


Healing for me is about accepting and loving everything about yourself. By pursuing love and healing within you will learn to accept yourself, accept that you do not need to be perfect, accept we have all made mistakes. So many people are frightened they are not enough as they are, or they don’t understand what is going on around them. That fear holds them back to the point where they self-sabotage and self-destruct.


Sometimes looking at yourself can feel like looking into a dark place, but I will be with you and help you find the light that is within you. There is no time like the present to face your shadow. If you ignore your shadow, it will stop at nothing to get your attention. Once you embrace who you are – the dark and the light - the energy you spent fighting your shadow will transform from fear to love. You will show others you can move from that dark place and make positive shifts and changes, accept and release old patterns and create healthy new behaviors which serve you. 


I am here to guide you! Step by step spirit will help me to understand more about you, and I will use this to help you better understand yourself. Step by step you will discover the power you hold within you. 

Together we unpack suppression of feelings and emotions that are stored within your body. If you are suppressing your feelings, your emotions, your lies, your guilt, your shame,  it will affect your physical vessel and mind. If you are ready to look at yourself and find love within yourself, all you have to do is use the details below so that we can get you back to a life of thriving rather than just surviving.

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