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The Energetic Doorway

I received a phone call from a friend in America whose house was up for sale. It was a perfectly good house, but despite her best efforts she couldn't sell it. She asked me to see if there was a curse on the house.

I started to visualise her house. I could see an old lady in the doorway. The old lady welcomed me into the house and told me her son, who was an accountant, was upstairs. I went into the house and tried to explain to the old lady that she had passed. She acknowledged she had passed, but told me she didn't know how to move to the other side. I knew I needed to create an energetic doorway for her to pass but before I did that I went upstairs to have a conversation with her son. I needed to understand if he also knew he had passed. The son was stuck in his ways, saying, ‘my mother never wants to listen to me, so why should I listen to her now?’. I explained to him that the two of them had passed and asked if they would like to go to the other side. I created a doorway in the bedroom, and one of their loved ones came to the doorway. The son recognised the loved one and decided to go first. But before he went, he and his mother both put their arms around me. I then slipped out of the hug and told them it was time to go. The son went first and then the old lady turned to me and gave me a final message. ‘The house can be sold but a portion of the money has to be given to charity. If that is not done, then the house will not sell.’ After relaying her message, she stepped through the doorway I had made. I came back to myself. I was back on the phone, speaking with my friend from America. I shared the experience and what the lady and her son had said. She thanked me and hung up. Two days after our call I rang her back. I had been visited by a girl inside in the house. I went back into the house, to the girl’s room. She had apparently died from pneumonia. I created another energy doorway so she could pass as well. My friend rang me back three weeks later and told me the house had sold and they had given a portion of the money to charity.

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