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Healing Hands…. It’s okay to be different.

It was 2010 and I was on my way to visit a friend up in Brisbane’s burns unit. I wasn’t sure what to expect when I arrived. When I finally saw my friend he was wrapped in layers of cloth for his burns. As I approached him, I felt a huge amount of energy coming through my hands. I felt calm, very relaxed and in a heightened state. Spirit guided me to run my hands over his body to move the energy around. But as I brought my hands closer to his body, I saw his heart rate monitor slowed. I removed my hands from his body and his heart rate went back up again. I kept doing this for a good hour, noticing the changes in the heart monitor and consciously playing with my hands and the technology to see a real pattern was emerging whilst I was healing my friend. This experience gave me a deep awareness of how energy really works. The technology was proof of how powerful the flow of energy can be. That is when I truly realised I had healing hands.

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