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Are you open to the possibility of healing?

I did a healing on a lady who used to have an inflamed bowel. It would reappear every couple of months. I did this through a distant healing. She told me her healing was profound and felt after the healing that she didn't have this illness anymore. Then her cousin’s sister found out about her healing and contacted me. She told me her son’s skull was not closing, it kept on opening and his skull was at risk of coming out of the crown of the head. Doctors wanted to operate on her son and split his skull to put it back, however the chances of survival were slim. ‘I would love for you to meet him and put your hands on him to heal,’ she said. When she rang me, I was about to hop on a plane to visit my friend in Brisbane who was in the burns unit. She came to the reception and I met her with her baby. We had a conversation with the baby on my lap and I did a healing on him. That whole weekend I had energy flowing out of my hands. It felt so lovely to do a healing for that baby.

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